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Friday, July 20th 2012

7:04 AM

Preteen top child


Related article: Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 13:34:04 -0800 (PST) From: S. Chandra Subject: Crazy For You chap 20-22Well here it is folks, the preteen summer camps next part. razors for preteens Hope you like it, if not oh well , you try writing something and we'll see how well you do Oh yes standard disclaimer...this story depicts sexual acts between two consenting young women (woo about time), if you dont like this kinda stuff, then what are you doing on this site?As always feel free to email me comments, criticism, whatever; i'm pretty friendly i think.Chapter 20 For the next few days until the weekend, Sloane ate normally gaining a few pounds back on her slim body; after all she didn't want Nic to get in trouble with her family. They obviously cared for her, and she didn't want to do anything to ruin that. Late Friday afternoon, Sloane was sitting in front of her mirror doing her hair, when Nic entered the room. She smiled at her girlfriend and Nic returned it with a smile of her own. "Hey honey, you look great!" Nic said enthusiastically while giving the brunette a light peck on the cheek. "Thanks, but I feel pretty nervous about meeting your family, I mean what if they don't like me?" "Hey, they'll like you, cuz I like you." Nic soothingly said as she helped the nervous girl with her hair. "But what if..." Sloane started. "Sloane, don't stress, you're great, they'll like you as much as I do. Now, is this the bag you're taking?" Sloane nodded "Okay then, I'll just load this into the car and tell Gen and Lex that you'll be out in second. I'll be right back." Ten minutes later and they were on the road, with Gen and Lexa sitting up front and Sloane leaning on Nic, who just smiled reassuringly at her from time to time, since the blonde was busy trying to finish some of her homework, so she could enjoy the long weekend. Not long after, Sloane, who was never really good in long car rides, drifted to sleep. The three remaining girls talked quietly for the remainder of the trip, and a few hours later were pulling into the long driveway that led to their parents' farm. Lex and Gen quickly exited the SUV to stretch their legs after the long drive, while Nic, who wasn't far behind, gently moved her girlfriend who was still sleeping. As the tall blonde exited the car, the front door to the "farmhouse" was opened and a petite blonde woman stepped out and rushed over to the three girls. "It's about time you ladies got here!" Mrs. Rousseau exclaimed as she hugged each preteen brazil bbs one tightly "We've been waiting forever! I thought you said you were going to leave early so we could eat at a reasonable hour." "Uh yeah, we were gonna, but then Sloane forgot she had a class, so we had to wait for her. Unless of course you would rather we have left her..." Gen said teasingly, with her arm slung around her mother's shoulders. "No, of course not, but speaking of Sloane dark angels preteen where is she?" "Well apparently she hasn't been getting too much sleep," Lexa supplied with a little look at Nic "and she's really bad with long car rides, so she's asleep in the car. We just didn't feel like waking her up yet." The four women walked over to the car and peeked in on the slumbering girl "Aww the poor dear, well let's not wake her up. Gen, Lexa grab the stuff from the trunk, and Nic you get that poor girl british nude preteens up to bed; the guest bedroom by your room has been made up if you want to put her there..." "Uh no I think I'll put her in my room for now." "Ok then," Mrs. Rousseau said with a smile "do you need help? I could get your father." "Nah don't worry about it mom, I've got her." Nic said as she tenderly picked up Sloane; the sleeping girl snuggled into the warm arms, and Nic smiled in response giving her a peck on the forehead. Erin Rousseau smiled at her daughter's gesture and walked over to the other girls to discuss this girl that Nic was so clearly in love with. After Nic put Sloane to bed, she preteen model gallerie walked down the stairs to find her mother and Alexa in the kitchen getting dinner ready. She grinned as she took in the scene of her mother and preteen dark bbs Lexa preteen brazil bbs teasing Gen and playing a game of keep away with some carrots. "Guys I'm so hungry! Can't I have one?" Gen said sulking slightly while the other two just said that she had to wait till dinner for anything. Gen huffed then nearly flipped out when she saw her girlfriend slip a carrot to their goofy black lab Gizmo. "Hey that's not fair! All he did was look at you and you caved!" "Well I can't help it Gen, he's just so much cuter than you are." Lexa said with a little smirk. "Besides dinner is ready, so if you go get your dad, then we can start." "Aww man, he's like all the way out in the stables, I think I might pass out from hunger before I reach there." "Wow you are one lazy kid Gen." Nic said getting in on the fun "Well don't worry, I'll brave the distance and get our father. If I'm not back in ten minutes...wait longer." Nic flippantly remarked as she strode out into the night towards the stables; her long legs quickly eating up the distance. In just a few short minutes Nic was walking through the stable door looking for her father in the long corridor models preteens russia filled with horses. As she walked by one door in particular a little whinny of recognition sounded out and Nic stopped, and walked towards the stall, that contained her beautiful raven colored horse. "Oh Midnight, I cant believe I didn't come see you right away. How're ya doing boy? Hmm you look healthy; I see mom and dad have been keeping you well." The blonde said as she buried her face into the horse's neck while gently petting him, and offering him some carrots she had stolen from the kitchen. "Well how do you like this, my girls get home after weeks away, and first legal xxx preteen thing you do is greet a horse." A tall wiry man in blue jeans, a work shirt, and boots said, leaning against the open stall door. Nic smiled and hastily moved into her father's arms. "Hey stranger, how ya doing?" He asked in his slight drawl, as he hugged his youngest (by a few seconds) close. "Hey daddy," Nic giggled like a little girl "sorry I was actually coming to get you so we could eat, but this handsome gentleman was quite adamant about seeing me. So of naturists preteen boys course I just had to stop and talk for a couple of minutes." "Perfectly understandable, after all he is the only man that's managed to keep your attention for more than five minutes, well except for me that is." Jack Rousseau teased, as he flashed a smile so similar to the one on Nic's face. "So when did you ladies arrive?" "Oh just recently, like ten minutes ago, but Gen is being whiny cuz she's hungry, so I came to get you." She said as the two walked to the house, arm in arm. "Ha that girl is always hungry; preteen nudes vombat she came into this world hungry..." Nic interrupted quickly "Yeah I know dad, you've told this story a million times. We came into this world with your appetite and mom's good looks." "Hmm I guess I have told this story a million times, but I never get tired of telling it. Oh and now I've got someone new to tell it to. So where is this young filly of yours?" "Dad, really!" Nic huffed indignantly, while knowing that her father was kidding "Her name is Sloane, and she's sleeping, so you'll get to meet her tomorrow." "Oh really, so you tired the poor girl out already, and you've only been going out for how long?" "Ewww daddy! You have a dirty mind." The two laughed, and continued talking and laughing at the dinner table with the other three members of their family, just reveling in the family atmosphere. It was well into the night after much joking, chatting and spending time together when everyone headed up to their respective rooms. Before, Nic had always hated ending family time, and going up to an empty bed, but preteen pthc model now that she had a special someone waiting for her, she could hardly wait to get to preteen diaper sister bed. Nic silently entered her room and prepared for bed swiftly; slipping in between the sheets and spooning her girlfriend, she quickly fell asleep.Chapter 21 The next morning Sloane woke up to an unfamiliar room, she was slightly disoriented, but then remembered that she preteen tween models was visiting Nic's house. She slid out of the bed and took a look around the large airy room. She was impressed by the variety of posters she saw hanging around the room and noticed on one wall three large flags dominated the space completely. `Hmm so Nic's French, and Irish.' Sloane thought as she took in the two flags that were identical except for the coloring on either end, and right below the two was an American flag. Sloane smiled as she realized how proud Nic was of her heritage. Also on that same wall were pictures covering what little space was available, on one side of the American flag, were pictures of her family; some of just Gen and Nic, some with Alexa and Gen, and a lot with her parents and the twins, with her pets and then with everyone. Sloane smiled sadly as she realized how close the family was, and how much she wanted her family to be the same way, but that didn't seem like it was going to happen anytime soon. Sure her parents loved her, but they weren't as 101 nonude preteens close as they once had been. Sloane shook off the sad thoughts and went to look at the other pictures. These were pictures filled with friends, and Sloane laughed as she took in some of Nic's crazy antics. Sloane continued looking, but frowned as she noticed how one beautiful girl appeared to be in all the pictures, and she was always close to Nic or hugging her. Not to mention the fact that a lot of pictures seemed to feature Nic and the mystery girl. `I'll have to ask Nic who she is,' Sloane thought jealously `but for now I better dress and meet Mr. and preteen top child Mrs. Rousseau. Soon Sloane was walking through the old farmhouse, and found the kitchen, where she saw a woman, of about the same height as herself humming while she cooked. The brunette shyly walked into the kitchen and gave a quiet hello to, who she knew from pictures, to be Mrs. Rousseau. "Well top of the morning to ya! Did you sleep well, Sloane?" A little of Erin's Irish peeked out, and at Sloane's nod and smile she continued "Well the girls are just helping their father out in the stables and Lexy is probably still sleeping, so if you wouldn't mind maybe you could help me get breakfast ready?" "Of course Mrs. Rousseau, what can I do?" About a half hour later the rest of the family came into the kitchen for breakfast and found the two women cooking and chatting together like old friends. Sloane was introduced to Jack Rousseau and then pecked lightly on her cheek by her girlfriend. Sloane blushed, but no one really paid any attention, except to note that Nic was acting like a love struck child. Breakfast was a relaxed affair, spent discussing what everyone was going to do for the day and upon completion, everyone paired off the do their own things. The older Rousseau's were heading into town to get some supplies, and visit some friends, Gen and Alexa had decided to get together with some of Gen's friends from high school, which left Nic and Sloane with the house all to themselves. As soon as everyone left Nic turned and grabbed Sloane playfully and said in her best cheesy villain voice "Now that we're alone, I can have my wicked way with you. Muahahaha." Sloane chuckled at her girlfriends clowning around, and then said, "Hmm maybe later, but I want a british nude preteens tour of the farm!" Nic groaned then took Sloane around the old house telling her what history she knew. The brunette preteen tween models was in awe of the house; it was one of those old colonial houses and had been preserved quite well, of course the house had been modernized, but not in a way that detracted from its original splendor. After going thru every room in the house, Nic took Sloane outside to show her what they did on the farm. Sloane laughed happily as she saw the horses grazing in the large paddock, and ran over to get a better look. As she approached the fence Nic clucked, which brought a couple of horses over preteen nymphets forum to the fence. Deciding to tease her girlfriend Nic stated with a smile, "Well if you haven't figured it out yet, we breed horses for glue." This earned her a punch on the arm "Okay, I'm kidding! We breed horses, and on the side my mother has a riding school." "That's amazing, I love horses!" Sloane exclaimed as a horse nuzzled into her hand "They're so beautiful." "Yeah they are, but you haven't been introduced to the desnudos preteen model best one yet!" At that Nic whistled and her large black stallion, Midnight, ran over to the fence. He stuck his nose over and gently nudged Nic, she grinned and said "I haven't forgotten you silly boy; see look I brought you some sugar cubes." As he nibbled away Nic introduced him to Sloane. "So can we go for a ride? Or are they just for show?" Sloane questioned, entranced by the large animals. "Of course we can, in fact I was planning on asking you if you wanted to go for candid preteens pics a ride and a picnic, that is if you can stomach my cooking. I wouldn't want you getting sick again." Nic joked, "Actually, this time I asked my mom to cook for us, so you're safe from food poisoning, but preteen nudes vombat not from me." Sloane smiled then retorted "Well who says you're safe from me." At that remark Sloane reached behind Nic's neck crushing the taller girls lips to her own, plunging her tongue into preteennude girls the sweet depths of her mouth. Nic groaned pulling Sloane closer, gently sucking on the invading tongue while her hands slid under the sweater and caressed the silken skin that lay razors for preteens beneath. She swallowed the sighs and moans that Sloane made, and would have continued to do so if Midnight hadn't nudged her looking for more sugar and whinnied in disappointment when none was found. "Uh, maybe we should go on that ride now?" Nic gasped out "Yeah maybe." Sloane said in mock disappointment as Nic led Midnight and a chestnut mare towards the stable to saddle them up. Sloane helped Nic in putting the saddles on, and with the picnic basket on Nic's horse the two rode off side by side in minutes.Chapter 22 Nic allowed Sloane to get a little bit ahead of her, and was amazed at the skill with which she saw the younger woman handle the horse. She quickly picked up her pace, and when she was right beside her asked how she rode so well. The blonde was surprised to learn that her girlfriend had taken several years of riding lessons, and had even won some shows, but she had to stop when she started gymnastics. "So I've totally missed models preteen nud doing this, but it feels different cuz I'm not used to the saddle horn." "Well you should have told me, like I said my mom has a riding school and keeps all types of saddles there." preteens rape pics "No it's fine. So anyways where exactly are we going?" "Oh just a spot I go to occasionally, you'll like it I promise." Sloane just smiled planning what she would do when they got to the spot. `Forget waiting,' she thought to herself then thought of a plan to seduce the taller girl. When they finally arrived at the spot, Sloane's smile widened when she saw a little pond; she now had an excellent idea on how to initiate her little seduction. The two girls quickly dismounted, and while Nic set down the blanket and the basket, Sloane strolled over to the pond with the two horses, letting legal xxx preteen them get a drink, and then took off the saddles and tied them to a tree. Nic was just sitting back on the blanket and lazily watching her move about; when Sloane had finished her task, instead of heading to the blanket she walked over to the pond and started stepping onto the slippery rocks. "Hey Sloane, be careful preteen nearly nude honey," Nic said as she stood up, but the warning was given too late as Sloane "slipped" and fell into the pond proceeding to soak herself thoroughly. Sloane sputtered and thrashed about for a few seconds, further drenching herself, then managed, with Nic's help, to get out of the pond."Oh my God, Sloane are you okay?" "Yeah I guess, but I feel really stupid." Sloane replied, starting to shake with cold, on the rather warm fall preteen tween models day. "No sweetie it's fine, I should've said something sooner, but you're starting to shiver so maybe you should get out of these wet clothes before you catch a cold." Nic said concerned. Sloane started to strip her clothes off, as Nic turned to get the blanket preteen diaper sister to keep Sloane warm. When she turned around she gasped, dropping the blanket, as she noticed the brunette was naked except for her panties. Sloane smiled wickedly and seductively said. "Well are you gonna stand over there all day or are you going to come warm me up?" The tall blonde just stood there gaping at the nearly nude woman, drinking in the site of her tan flesh. Her eyes roaming over the displayed body, sliding up from her slender legs, pausing slightly on the white lace panties noticing the dark shadow there, continuing on to her toned stomach, past her ribcage, and lingering on the perky breasts. Sloane patiently stood there, letting her soon to be lover gaze at her obvious charms, but after a minute, the exposed girl wondered if this had been a mistake, when she made a move to cover her body Nic stopped her, finally managing to croak out "No don't. You're so beautiful; it just took preteen jean model me by surprise, how gorgeous you really are, and the fact that you're with me." Sloane blushed; Nic slowly approached and took Sloane into her arms, tenderly capturing her lips, her hands sliding up from the silky skin at her waist to just below her breasts. At the first press of their bodies, Sloane hands had gone to the blonde's back, holding her as close as possible. Sloane moaned as Nic dipped her head down and slowly licked down her neck to her collarbone and then latched onto one of her hardened nipples. Gently suckling and teasing the excited flesh, nipping one, while her nimble hands manipulated the other, she alternated, lavishing them with equal attention. Sloane's back arched, thrusting her slim body forward, while her hands flew to the back of Nic's head, clutching her tightly, as if afraid to let her move from the position she was in. Slowly Nic pulled away trailing kisses up to her mouth, as Sloane mewled with need. Nic dropped her hand to Sloane's hip, drawing it back and forth, ever closer to the heat emanating from beneath the sodden lace. As Nic's fingers passed over her center, Sloane's knees buckled; the taller woman caught her, and slid them both down onto the crumpled preteen dutch models blanket. Nic covered Sloane's body with her own as she gently licked, the brunette's ear, eliciting a shudder from the younger woman, and she gently breathed in her ear "You taste so good." Sloane gasped and gripped handfuls of the blanket, as she preteen top child felt Nic trace down her body once again, covering the exposed flesh with nips and licks, pausing briefly video preteen sex to suckle at her chest, then continuing downwards. As Nic reached the crux of her thighs she placed a chaste kiss on the lace, which caused the brunette to buck up, hoping for more pressure. Nic huskily laughed and reached for the sides of the panties, lightly tugging them down, following with kisses on her left leg, and continuing up the right until she was faced with the brunette's trim, dripping core. Quickly her tongue extended from her mouth and swiped down the parted opening savoring the sweet flavor, smell and cries that Sloane emitted. "Oh God!" Sloane cried out as the talented tongue swabbed her drenched sex, her hips thrusting to the rhythm of the tongue licking, sucking and nibbling at her; plunging in and out, as Nic's nose bumped against her swollen clit; the blonde's hands cupping her lover's ass and pulling her closer. Sloane panted and plead, "Oh my God...Nic...please, unnnh...don't stop...so close!" Nic lapped away, stopping the furthest thing from her mind, as she felt Sloane's whole body tensing, and thighs clenching tight around her head. She hummed with pleasure, then slid up to the brunette's swollen clit, and gently nibbled. Sloane let out an incoherent scream as she came, Nic still nibbling at her clit until the thighs loosened enough to allow her to drink the juices that seeped from her girlfriend's center. Arousing the sensitive skin towards another climax, Nic traced her fingers over the slick folds and slipped them into Sloane's wetness, pumping them gently at first then faster as Sloane cried out "Mmmmm faster, Nic...please!" As her second orgasm approached Nic moved up to kiss her lover, and swallowed the sighs and moans the younger woman made as she curled her fingers up and searched for her g-spot, when she hit the sensitive spot Sloane bucked wildly and came again. Nic continued to thrust her fingers, but Sloane protested at the continued onslaught. Nic smiled and gently removed her damp fingers, causing the hyper sensitive skin to quiver with aftershocks, bringing them up to her mouth and licking them clean. Sloane smiled lazily, as she stretched out and nuzzled up to Nic, closing her eyes briefly. Nic playfully growled "Hey missy you better not be falling asleep on me here" Sloane sleepily replied, "No, not sleeping, just resting my eyes for a bit, then you're all mine." Nic just shrugged and smiled as she held the tired girl close to her "That's fine baby, you just sleep." Nic placed a chaste kiss on the brunette's forehead, and pulled what she could of the blanket on top of Sloane, her hands idly tracing the soft skin, along Sloane's pronounced ribcage. She continued to gently stroke the skin, and fell asleep as preteen hot photo well. ***Hahaha you like how i ended it?! I like keeping people in suspense, preteen summer camps but then this just means that next part there'll be a little something something.
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